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We’ve drafted a small message below, but form letters don’t work as well as personal notes. Suggested topics:
  1. Introduce yourself and your business, and the impact that increased property taxes have had on you.
  2. Say why you think City Council should hold the line on property tax increases. Encourage your Councillor to remember that every dollar spent by the City must ultimately be paid for by Edmontonians.
  3. Prosperity Edmonton and the Chamber of Commerce have suggested the solutions listed below to City Council to hold the line on city spending without affecting priority services:
    • Funding our needs with existing tax revenue, before moving to the “nice to have” things
    • Getting out of lines of business that the private sector or non-profits are already doing (like waste management, land development, or rec centres)
    • Paying city workers the same as similar private sector positions
    • Making sure we’ve got the right number of managers to deliver key services
    • Make opening new businesses, and new development in the city easier, so the tax base grows, and
    • Making sure we’re getting good value for everything we build

Feel free to build on these solutions or to add some of your own.

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