September 19th Statement on City Spending & Revenue

September 19th

Prosperity Edmonton was formed to ensure that our city remains a great and affordable place to live and work for all Edmontonians. Prosperity Edmonton has been reviewing the City of Edmonton’s budget numbers, in terms of both expenditures and revenues. It has become clear that the City has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

A long track record of unsustainable property tax increases – and a two-fold increase in City spending – has hurt local business and the Edmontonians who work for and with them. We commend the Mayor for recognizing that this must end. However, we feel that adding new taxes to suburban communities will simply shift the burden to Edmonton families and limit our city’s potential. Unfortunately this shift also risks creating division within and between communities.

At a time when many Edmontonians are having to make tough economic choices, we believe City Council must show similar discipline by controlling spending. Given that expenditures have doubled over the past decade, the City now has an opportunity to live within its means just like Edmonton families and businesses do every day.

We look forward to continuing our conversation on the best ways to ensure that Edmonton is a place where people and businesses want to grow and prosper.

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