Developing Edmonton’s Competitiveness

What is Prosperity Edmonton

Prosperity Edmonton is a group of associations representing various parts of the business community in Edmonton. Association members include restaurants, retail outlets, construction and manufacturing companies – in other words, the diverse mix of businesses who work every day in Edmonton. We are concerned about the ever-escalating set of costs imposed on the people and businesses of Edmonton, which in combination are making it more and more diicult for households and businesses to thrive, invest, and stay in Edmonton.

When continual property tax increases are layered over the many other tax and regulatory increases imposed by all three orders of government, the result is an environment which stifles investment, discourages job creators, and ultimately decreases opportunities and prosperity for the people of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. 

We urge Edmonton City Council, in its upcoming budget, to hold the line on spending and work harder to find efficiencies to fund new priorities rather than resorting to tax increases.


Triple Net Lease

Cost Pile Up

Focusing on the Essentials​

YEG Tax Growth vs. Population and Inflation

Zerginc Pharmacies

Zerginc Pharmacies is an owner-operated chain of pharmacies based in Alberta. Property tax increases and other costs imposed by governments have made it harder and harder to stay afloat.

Serenity Health and Wellness

Dr. Karima Merali is the owner of Serenity Health and Wellness Chiropractic Massage and Acupuncture Clinic, a small local business.   Property tax increases and other costs imposed by governments have made it harder and harder to stay afloat. 

Parkallen Restaurant

Joe Rustom is the owner and chef at Parkallen Restaurant, a small local business. Property tax increases and other costs imposed by governments have made it harder and harder to stay afloat.

Antrim Industries

Antrim Industries is a family-owned machining and manufacturing shop based in Edmonton. They have about 28 employees currently. Since they bought their building in the year 2000, property taxes have increased from about $20,000 per year to now $78,000 per year in 2018


How you can help

For media inquiries contact: media@prosperityedmonton.comFor all other inquiries contact:

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Letters to Council

We have written two letters to Edmonton’s Mayor and Council, explaining to them the need for some respite for Edmonton homes and businesses from the long-term pattern of property tax increases.


Below is the schedule for Edmonton City Council’s debates and decision-making on the upcoming annual budget and corresponding tax increase or decrease.


Prosperity Edmonton was formed by a group of businesses and non-profit business associations who share a common goal of ensuring that Edmonton has a competitive
tax and policy climate where businesses and people can grow and flourish.

Eight business associations,
representing thousands of businesses
and people, form Prosperity Edmonton