Statement from Prosperity Edmonton in response to Mayor Iveson’s 5-Point Plan for Budget 2018

Sep 11, 2018

We commend Mayor Iveson for his stated commitment to keeping taxes in Edmonton at reasonable levels, as demonstrated by his release of a five-point plan to keep Edmonton’s budget on track.

Edmonton has a long track record of increasing property tax revenue at a pace that exceeds increases in population plus the rate of inflation, an annual trend that stretches back more than a decade. This is not sustainable.

We are encouraged by recent comments from the Mayor as well as several City Councillors that indicate that Edmonton City Council is taking seriously the issue of rising costs for households and businesses.

We look forward to learning more details about the Mayor’s five-point plan, and plan to continue working with Council in a collaborative manner to discuss cost saving opportunities leading into the budget.

Leading up to this November’s budget debate, we believe the top priority should be finding savings where we can in the existing budget, while maintaining investments in core infrastructure and services.

Prosperity Edmonton is calling on City Council to send a positive message about Edmonton’s competitiveness by holding the line on tax increases in its upcoming four-year budget.

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